All About Brows

All About Brows

Let them grow!

I know its tempting. Its so hard to let your brows grow wild but its so worth it! When you have over plucked or waxed the grow out process can be painful!  Its so tempting to get the stragglers. BUT, It’s not always about the hair we take away. It can be about the hairs we leave alone. Leave it to the pros. If you can avoid at-home tweezing, it makes it much more beneficial for your brow artist to work with every hair you’ve got. Every little hair counts especially if you have thinning or spare brows.  I love threading to shape the brows because it can achieve incredible definition without dramatically sharp lines or having them look too “done.” You're goal is to have a natural looking brow.  


Your brows are sisters! 

Don't be so critical of your brows shape.  Our brows are different and thats ok! There is a saying "your brows are sisters,  not twins!"  It’s about achieving your best brows.  When shaping, filling in, or correcting your brows with makeup, keep in mind that a too-perfect looking brow doesn’t look real. They’ll look better when they are not identical.

Try getting your brows tinted.  

Getting your brows tinted is the quickest way to add definition to your brows and adds fullness to their shape. Just like coloring your hair coloring or "tinting" your brows can be customized based on the look you’re after. It can last up to 2-3 weeks before fading.

Tools of the trade.

My best selling brow pencil is a must! I love this product because of how long-lasting this application is. My brows are in place – even after a workout! The super-fine retractable tip allows for the softest fill to something a little more dramatic. The formula is waterproof and seriously gives you a 24-hour brow!  


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